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We offer competitive rates to fit every authors budget.


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$4 per every 250 words of the final copy. 

This fee includes self publishers in need of copy/line editing services

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At A Vegas Publisher, we realize your manuscript is as unique as your fingerprints. No two books are alike. Your project may have taken years to create. You wrapped your mind around thousands of details, wrote and rewrote until your final draft was completed. You are ready to move to the next phase with editing and publishing.  

We believe your manuscript deserves our thoughtful, individual attention during the publication process, matching the effort you put forth during the writing process. We limit our manuscripts in queue to those showing potential. We do not overbook our services because we do not want to rush through your manuscript just to get to the next one in line. We take our time to be thorough so your book can be the best it can be, earning the AVP stamp of approval.

All books are not created equal. Many books are straightforward in the formatting process while others require additional preparation. Some interiors contain bullet points, text boxes, indexes, reference pages, bibliographies, table of contents, and more. Other books have illustrations, charts, and graphs. Our approach to the cost of our services to bring your manuscript to fruition is not a one-size-fits-all menu of options. We evaluate each project and its exclusive attributes to provide an honest quote based on your specific needs.

We offer copy/line editing services for self publishers.


Let’s get the conversation started. Send us an email so we can review your material and offer you a competitive rate to publish your manuscript.

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Additional charges could include:

A Vegas Publisher Bowker ISBN number: $125.00

Library of Congress number: $55 and up


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A $100 non-refundable deposit is required before we get started. All transactions are done through PayPal.  Payment in full is due after you have approved the work, but before we send you the final files. 




Book Title:

Genre - Please use genres that exist on Amazon.

Who is your Target Audience?

Is your book fiction or nonfiction?  

Is this book going to be part of a series? 

Does your manuscript contain more than 3 images? If yes, how many?

Does your manuscript contain any tables or charts? If yes, how many?

Does your manuscript contain footnotes, index, cross-referencing, or other similar elements?

How many words is your manuscript?

Do you need your finished products by a specific date? If so, please enter that date.

Do you have any questions or any additional information you'd like to add?

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