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Six + months a year: Blizzards, never ending bitter cold, sub zero wind chill factor, shoveling, zero visibility, and just pure misery. Living under these conditions for nearly 50 years, Virginia and her husband decided enough was enough and relocated from Buffalo, New York, to Henderson, Nevada, where the warmth of the sunshine paints the daily landscape.

Accompanying them on the cross country journey were their two German shepherds, Duke and Shelby. Once situated, Virginia resumed her dog breeding career. People grew increasingly interested once they discovered an expert breeder within their midst; one with honest breeding ethics and a solid reputation. No longer needing to travel to California, Arizona, or Utah to find quality German shepherd pups was an added bonus.

With over 10 years of experience, Virginia decided it’s time to share the wealth of breeding knowledge and penned her first book, A Guide to Puppy Love; Beginner Breeding which won The Book Excellence Award in 2016 for quality and content. She has been compiling a ten book series featuring the top dog breeds according to the AKC. A Puppy Love Day; Tips for Bringing Your New Puppy Home remains her best seller.

In 2016, Virginia joined forces with Joyce Spizer Foy at A Vegas Publisher. Together they wrote Blitz Your Book to a Best Seller, 21st Century. The book won the Pinnacle Award in 2017 and remains a consistent seller world-wide.


Virginia continues to breed and is a Managing Member with A Vegas Publisher. 




Dooley's Legacy


When Kenny was five or six-years-old, he scribbled on a piece of paper as well as into his mind a bucket list of things he wanted to be when he achieved adulthood:

  1. Be a rodeo cowboy like his dad and uncle had been. While never turning professional he rode bulls, bareback horses, and team-roped across Oklahoma and Texas.

  2. Be a scuba diver. One of his heroes was Lloyd Bridges, who starred in the sixties TV show Sea Hunt. Kenny became a scuba instructor and made hundreds of dives in Mexico, Belize, Grand Cayman, the Bahama’s, and the Florida Keys.

  3. Not drown. But he almost goofed there in the Atlantic one day.

  4. Have a Harley Davidson like his dads and Kenny has enjoyed exploring the Rocky Mountains on his road bikes.

  5. Fly airplanes. Kenny earned his pilot’s license and owned three airplanes, an ultralight aircraft, a completely restored WWII L-2 recon aircraft, and a Cessna 170.

  6. His love of flying may be a factor in the only unchecked item on his bucket list and that is skydiving. He says he sees no reason to jump out of a perfectly running airplane.

  7. Write a book. Kenny has written three books, one of which won the Will Rogers Medallion Award in 2011 for Cowboy Poet

There’s still time left to complete his list he reasons, as there are many folks who say he hasn’t made it to adulthood yet.

Kenny was diagnosed in 1999 with Parkinson’s disease. He was forty-three and for the first time realized that he may not live forever. He knew then that time was a precious commodity and needed to use his remaining time wisely. Kenny is a charter member of the Dickson Foundation for Excellence in Education, a non-profit group that raises money to provide grants to teachers for innovative ideas in the classroom.  He also served for eleven years on the Dickson Schools Board of Education.



Judith Fabris is a native Californian, product of an all-girl high school, graduate of San Jose State University with a B.S. degree and also holds a law degree. She grew up in Glendale and Pasadena, California. Her professional career was in the securities industry and since brokerage firms didn’t send “girls? for training, she burned the midnight oil to study. When she originally received her brokerage license, she broke through the glass ceiling to become one of only 1,200 women in the United States to achieve that status. She passed and held all the necessary licenses to manage or own a brokerage firm.

Along the way, shes been a managing editor of two magazines, a stringer for Copley News Service and an article writer and columnist for numerous magazines. She holds a lifetime California Junior College Teaching credential for personal finance and business law. She began writing in earnest to introduce and educate people about the world of finance.

When she retired from her day job, writing became an all consuming passion. She knew she wanted to write fiction, thus began the journey to research and write and historical romance, Sargent’s Lady.

In her spare time, she volunteers, something shes done all her life, with projects from the Junior League to PTA; from fundraising to live theater. She also served as a hospital lay chaplain. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, travel, a glass of good red wine, and most especially, the company of her wonderful family and friends. 



Joyce investigated cases involving millionaires, movie stars, and mobsters during her 37 years as a private investigator. She’d work in 11 states before retiring to the Palm Springs area and began her writing career. Armed with her PhD in marketing and an interest in writing, she met such notable teachers as Ray Bradbury, Rod Thorp, James Frey, and Charles Schultz. Eventually, she completed the Harbor Pointe Mystery Series, a trilogy fictionalizing several of her own real-life cases. Joyce has written, co-written, or ghost written more than 30 more books. Her first play, Valley Confidential was nominated in 12 categories for the 2005 Desert Stars AwardsPower Marketing Your Novel won the IRWIN 2000 Award in 2000. Only Make Believe (the life story of MGM sensation, Howard Keel) won the Hollywood Book Festival Award in 2007. In 2000, Congresswoman Mary Bono gave her a Woman of Distinction Award. In 2003, the Desert Post Weekly named her one of the Top 25 Women in the Coachella Valley to Watch. Along with Emmy-award winner, David Holman, they own Hollywood East Productions. They’ve written several screenplays that are in development. A life-long Dallas Cowboy fan, she helped get former Cowboy #70 Rayfield Wright’s authorized biography Wright Up Front in print. With his father, she wrote former Cowboy #80 Tony Hill’s book published in fall 2009—From Selma to the Super Bowl. An updated edition of her Award-winning marketing book, Blitz Your Book into a Best Seller was published in 2016 followed by her private investigation manual, co-authored with a Canadian PI, Debbra Macdonald,  offering valuable insights on investigative studies in The United States and Canada. From Gumshoe to Cyber Sleuth. In addition to touring and teaching creative writing around the U.S., Joyce has several feature films and TV shows in development. In Spring 2015, Joyce was hired as Senior Editor and Acquisitions Manager for A Vegas Publisher, LLC. She now resides in Las Vegas, and belongs to Book Publicists of Southern California and SPAWN.



To Douglas A Davy, born on a wheat farm in North Dakota,  science fiction and his visual energy perceptions seemed perfectly natural. Douglas trained his public lecturing skills with a B.A. in Drama and English, then continued  independent studies focused on parapsychology, meditation, life after death, ancient cultures, religions, human energy work, and an encyclopedic array of metaphysical knowledge and experience. His writings seek to stretch human perceptions of conspiracy theory,  planetary changes, and unexplained phenomena of the Seen and Unseen.



Ms. Macdonald released her first fictional novel in 2013 titled The Cost of Innocence, which was based on her own investigative stories. Ms. Macdonald has learned firsthand the marketing techniques that will assist other writers to success. Debbra and co-author Joyce Foy are co-authors on  Private Investigator manual for North America and Canada titled From Gumshoe to Cyber Sleuth.

Debbra Macdonald has over 30 years of experience in investigative services in the civil, corporate and insurance areas. In practical terms, she handles in- depth file reviews and management, locate witnesses, statement taking and analysis. She specializes in background investigations, including social media, public searches, and inquiries. Ms. Macdonald has also investigated organized fraud rings and staged accident cases along with clinic inspections, misuse and abuse of medical coverage and service providers.

Ms. Macdonald has served as a subject matter expert in establishing training standards for Ontario private investigators. She has held the seminar chair of the Canadian Association of Special Investigation Units (C.A.S.I.U.) that hosts the largest annual insurance fraud seminar in Canada. She has held the position of President of the Council of Private Investigators in Ontario (C.P.I.O) and assisted the Ontario government in the development of regulation, certification and training standards for private investigators. Ms. Macdonald currently sits on the board of the Council of International Investigators (C.I.I.). She is also currently the chair of the National Fraud Consortium (NFC), an initiative of CASIU aimed at developing Canadian fraud investigator training and credentialing.





Rod Sims is an emerging leader and energetic wellpreneur earning his title as The Total Wellness Architect. A 2003 graduate of Abilene Christian University, he’s built a reputation as a trusted and respected educator,  coach,  consultant,  and writer passionately helping businesses and individuals finally overcome their biggest health and wellness frustrations with customized solutions. Playfully regarded by some as the ‘Swiss Army knife of health and wellness’ for his versatility, creativity and determination for change, he’s a highly sought after compliment for small or large businesses looking to further reap the benefits of having a more educated and aware workforce, but also for busy,  singularly focused CEOs and business owners looking to feel and look like a million bucks while they go out and make it.

As a Cooper Institute Certified Health Promotion Director, he has helped design and implement programs that have been recognized as the ‘best in North Texas’ while helping them save money and truly empower employees. He has contributed to well over 20 publications for local newspapers, business newsletters, and online radio shows/podcasts and has been featured expert/speaker for several of North Texas’ best companies and organizations. He combines his 15 years of personal health, fitness, and wellness experience with a psychological and spiritual approach in growing BillboardzWellness360, his systematic approach to comprehensive health and wellness. An exercise and sport nutritionist, a lecturer/proctor for World Instructor Training Schools and an online green retail owner, Rod is truly a ‘total wellness architect,’ showing us why ‘our first wealth is our health.’ Rod has been recognized by IdeaFitness as one of the highest rated health and wellness professionals in Dallas/Fort Worth. Mr. Sims is a devoted and trusted advocate for domestic violence victims and their total recovery.




Rusty and the Circus of Doubt

Russell Reynolds was born in Miami, Florida as George Russell Reynolds. His first name is George, named after his father and his father before him, but he has gone by Russell his whole life. When his father was diagnosed with terminal cancer, he put the G. back in front of his name to honor him and facilitate healing between them before he died, which, it did. But most people still call him Russell.

Always having a sense of the unseen, Russell began his spiritual path when he attended Unity church at 10 years old. In middle school, while other kids were playing soccer, he was reading Carlos Castaneda and practicing meditation. In high school, while other kids were deciding what college to attend, Russell left to go live in a spiritual community in Scotland. From a young age, the sensitivity and awareness that he developed through his path naturally led him to help others who came to him for counsel. But he explored many paths before he eventually chose that as a career path. Health and fitness, always a part of his life as a young adult, Russell developed his skills and vocation as a personal trainer, a martial artist and a nutritional counselor as a means to help people to better health and quality of life, but he knew there was more. Having a gift with words and storytelling, Russell ventured into acting and writing as a means of self expression and to emotionally impact others, but he knew there was more.

The entertainment industry lost its luster after a while and Russell took a deep look at why he wanted to be an actor. He discovered the belief that as a successful or famous actor, he would be able to reach such a much larger audience to be an agent of change and a force for good in the world. But he knew that he didn’t have to be an Oscar winning actor to make a difference.

Concurrently, while working as a fitness trainer Russell felt the frustration of trying to help clients who said they wanted results but then sabotaged them before achievement. So he asked, “What am I not seeing?” and began to pay attention to the unseen and follow the rabbit hole down. Through observation and study Russell realized that all behavior, from overeating, to overworking, to social media addiction had a positive intention in the subconscious mind. Somehow the subconscious thinks we are benefiting or meeting our needs from this behavior. Russell then realized that if he didn’t help identify and satisfy that intention or need through other means, the client wasn’t changing the behavior no matter how good of a trainer he was. So he began approaching fitness from the inside out and suddenly clients were telling him that he had changed their lives. Feeling the tap on the shoulder from the Universe he realized that this was the big picture where all the pieces of the puzzle fit together, where his talents could be of service and he could be a force for good helping people create real and lasting change to achieve the life of their dreams. Russell studied many systems and strategies through many mentors; (Tony Robbins, Joel Bauer, Richard Bandler, just to name a few) to add as many tools to his toolbox as possible and to bring his gifts to the world to make a difference in his clients’ lives.   Russell continues to grow and learn to enrich the lives of others, fulfill his mission and continue making a difference that will last long after he’s gone.




Ain't U Got No Manners? 

Congratulations to A Vegas Publisher’s own Kristin Johnson, author of Ain’t “U” Got No Manners, for winning three prestigious awards! The Internet manners book Ain’t “U” Got No Manners, dubbed by Patrick Evans of CBSTV-2 in Palm Springs as “the Bible for social media,” took home three awards in Dan Poynter’s 2019 Global Ebook Awards:

• Bronze Award in Technology and Engineering.

• Silver in eBook Cover.

• Honorable Mention in Self-Help.

We are so proud of you Kristin !

Kristin Johnson is a prize-winning/prize finalist writer (Blue Mountain Arts Tri-Annual Poetry Contest first place winner out of 50,000 entries and finalist in the 2016 Palm Springs Writers Guild Annual Poetry Contest, short story, drama, Bahamas International Film Festival screenplay semi-finalist), blogger, ghostwriting/creative writing consultant, screenwriter, and editor. A graduate of the former Master of Professional Writing Program from the university of Southern California, she has published/collaborated on seven books: fiction, Internet manners book, co-written memoir with and for the late Sir Rupert A.L. Perrin, M.D., co-written Christmas Book (with Mimi Cummins), and three children’s books, including two books from CartoonGems on penguins and the Pacific Ocean.

Besides the books on which her name appears, she has ghostwritten several books (and scripts) for clients as that acknowledge her contribution, such as ASIM: Servant of Two Masters; Mercedes; Never Marry Your Soulmate; Whites, Blacks and Whilacks; Bringing Down High Blood Pressure, and The FlavorDoctor Diet. She edited media personality Nicholas Snow’s memoir, Life Positive: A Journey to the Center of My Heart and singer Allison Annalora’s Late Blooming: My Gender Journey. She brings her screenwriting talents to the miniseries adaptation of longtime colleague and friend DeAnn Lubell’s THE LAST MOON. She has blogged for The Happy Guy Marketing and written for numerous Web sites, e-zines and e-newsletters.

She has given well-received talks and workshops for the Desert Screenwriters Group (part of the Palm Springs Writers Guild) and was a founding member of the Palm Springs chapter of Women in Film and Television as well as a past First Vice-President and Contests and Grants Chair of the National League of American Pen Women-Palm Springs Branch.




Nancy Hall (right) with daughter Celeste Beard Johnson (left)

Nancy Hall

Celeste; The Celeste Beard Johnson Story, The Exclusive Biography

Nancy Hall was born in Akron, Ohio. She grew up during the World War Two years, and as an adult, the Korean and Vietnam wars were fought. Her father was a tire builder and her mother was a domestic engineer. They built their own home, and her mother was more an engineer than a domestic, equally excelling at both. America was a great country. We fought for freedom and liberty all around the world. 


I write for and with my daughter, Celeste Beard Johnson, fighting the unjust Texas judicial and criminal justice system. Benjamin Franklin, respectfully quoted: "It is better a hundred guilty persons should escape than one innocent person should suffer." 


Celeste and Nancy.jpg
Dennis Bunch profile pic 2_edited.jpg

Dennis Medbury

Secrets of the Runestones  2020 Book Excellence Award winner!

The Price of Vanity

The Act of Vengeance

The Result of Ignorance


Dennis is a veteran of the United States Navy after serving in his country for fourteen years. During his service, Dennis developed PTSD, which resulted in insomnia. Not willing to take prescription or over-the-counter-medication, he began constructing a story in his mind to find a natural method to fall asleep. After fifteen years of development, and countless sleepless nights, he finally decided to put the story into words. This story is the result of him turning a debilitating condition into something positive.

Dennis is a native of the Buffalo, NY area where he was raised by his parents, Lawrence and Barbara, alongside his sister, Kelly. He currently lives in the Atlanta, GA area with his loving and supportive wife Kimberly and three children, Hailey, Joseph and Breanna.






Patricia Towle

Heidi-Ho and The Lost Earring

Patricia Towle is a retired educator who has always enjoyed working with children. She was an elementary teacher in Cudahy, Wisconsin and Fort Leavenworth, Kansas. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree from Carrol College in Waukesha, Wisconsin. After several years of teaching, she moved to Texas and attended Texas Christian University in Fort Worth, Texas, obtaining a Master’s Degree in Counseling in addition to certifications in Learning Disabilities and Educational Diagnostician. She was employed by the Region One Education Service Center in the Texas valley as a Special Education Consultant before moving to Fort Worth where she was an Educational Diagnostician for the Azle Independent School District in Azle, Texas. She attended the University of North Texas in Denton, Texas, where she received certification as a supervisor and administrator.

            She has lived in eight states and three foreign countries. She enjoys reading, doing needlepoint and traveling, especially cruises, which has enabled her to visit five continents and more than forty foreign countries. In her travels, she has crossed the Equator, the International Dateline and the Arctic Circle. Most recently, she traveled to the Australian Outback.

            She has always had an interest in and a love of dogs—reading about them and studying them. Patricia is “Mama Evie” in the book. She lives in Fort Worth, Texas with her two Chi-weenies, Heidi and Lucy, the “investigators” and heroines of her book.


Patricia 3.jpg
Ellen Skitt headshot.jpg

Ellen Skitt

It's Only Chemo

A Journey of Conquering Breast Cancer 

Posthumously released, It's Only Chemo, A Journey of Conquering Breast Cancer, by Ellen Skitt, details the trials and tribulations during her breast cancer diagnosis and treatment. Her story is heartbreaking, triumphant, informative, and filled with unsurpassed wit. Ellen believed that if you've lost your sense of humor, then you have lost your soul. It was her desire that a ray of hope, a sense of humor, and a touch of wisdom can help others courageously fight “The Big C.”


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